The SOLE E25 Elliptical & Attractive Exercise Room Design

While most exercise rooms we have seen with the SOLE E25 Elliptical are designed with prominent functionality in mind, it is important to never stray too far away from aesthetically pleasing principles as well.


Many people may not realize it, but the design and your feelings in the room can directly affect your performance in it. This means that by focusing on the decorative appeal of the exercise room, you will also be strengthening the functional appeal, while will result in more effective training. A well maintained room will result in less distractions and more personal comfort.

Typically, there is much more to establishing an attractive environment in your exercise room than putting together functional pieces of equipment and arranging according to preference. It is always a good idea to observe colors and basic design principles in order to ensure that the space is used in an effective manner. Consider some of the following sections of the room that can be decorated in order to provide you with an attractive and practical training environment.

Always remember that no matter what design principles you plan on utilizing in the atmosphere, it is important to be comfortable with the room itself.

Selecting the Right Flooring Options For The SOLE E25 Elliptical

If you plan on having an active workout area in your home, you will need to work with the right floors (that can support the weight of the SOLE E25 Elliptical). Most quality elliptical machines are quite heavy (which is also true for treadmills).




This means considering not only the decorative appeal of certain materials, but also the practical.

Heavy exercise equipment, especially larger machinery or weights, can be hard on the surface of your flooring. Regularly used equipment could scratch and mar wood, tile, and vinyl surfaces, while wearing down carpet fibers, damaging both the carpet and the flooring underneath it. Even if you are using exercise equipment that has rubber feet, it can still end up leaving marks or smears along the surface of your floors, even after just a couple of uses. In order to effectively protect your floor, consider purchasing foam pads that can be interlocked, or a carpet that is based in foam.

Even if you do not plan on utilizing such flooring options for the entire area, even a few stylish and functional rugs under key pieces of equipment (such as the SOLE E25) can reduce the strain on the floor.

Establishing Appropriate Colors

While everyone has their favorite colors, there are certain hues that can be much more energizing and engaging than others.

Depending on what type of workouts you plan on enjoying in the room, there are several options for you to choose from. For more hands on and active workouts, such as with aerobic and weight lifting exercises, it is a good idea to paint with oranges, yellows, and reds. For a more calming and relaxing exercising experience, such as with tai chi or yoga, focusing on crisper and more soothing tones of aqua, lavender, and green can help you achieve more mental serenity. With dynamic exercises, you will want to establish explosive hues that will motivate you to keep moving.

On the other hand, if you want to establish a calmer and more introspective environment, natural, flowing tones are recommended.

Your Planned Equipment

Establish your workout equipment according to your needs and exercising goals.

If you plan on working with body building equipment, it is highly recommended to set aside a section of the room where you can set a weight bench and the appropriate bar bells and free weights. If you plan on establishing a section of the room that will work with elliptical equipment, however, you will have more practical and stylish options to work with. The SOLE E25 elliptical trainer, for example, can be an excellent addition to your workout room because of the powerful functionality that it can provide you for all of your weight loss needs. In addition to the features provided with the machine, it can also be arranged as a centerpiece for your exercising room.

The sheer size and the sleek style that these devices possess can allow you to focus on establishing them as focal points, while you arrange the rest of the environment around them.

Personal Comfort and Focus

You should always strive for comfort in your exercising room, otherwise you may not be as motivated to use it as often as you need to in order to reach your goals.

Allow for plenty of natural light options to flow through the room. If there is a window, work with the outside area to create an attractive view. Always keeps the area well ventilated to ensure maximum comfort, and look into shelving options to allow for fitness equipment, magazines, even televisions and music systems. All of these items can be established as functional and decorative with the right arrangements. Work with negative space to allow for a natural flow between the functional and a decorative.

Also make sure to read up on the different benefits of elliptical exercise equipment.

A chalkboard or motivational posters are always good ways to help emphasize your training goals while adding style to the room itself (and your SOLE E25 Elliptical).