When In Doubt, Shoot Like A Maniac [we're not making this up]

On January 24, 2008, in We're Not Making This Up, by JB
  • We're not making this upHow to save a man being eaten by a croc: (a) cock rifle; (b) aim rifle; (c) choose which is stupid and shoot him.
  • Erich Kästner, the German Imperial Army’s last known World War 1 veteran, dies at 107. The Allies are so victorious.
  • Japanese astronaut Takao Doi is all set to throw a boomerang from the International Space Station to see if it will return and hit him in the balls.
  • Man with a loaded gun gets through airport security, remembers he has a loaded gun and returns to report it. The TSA, appalled at such honesty, arrests man.
  • We don’t like pigs coz they’re pigs: “the use of pigs raises cultural issues.” Oink.
  • Canadian university has a new very popular course: Beer 101.

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