People Can’t See A Joke If It Hits ‘Em In The Face [we're not making this up]

On February 8, 2008, in We're Not Making This Up, by JB
  • We're not making this upVoters in Chicago were told they were using “invisible ink.” Well, yes, of course!
  • School principal threatens students that she’ll do something unspeakably nasty to herself if nobody admits to a theft. Instead of waiting to see what happens, students actually confess! The outrage and missed fun!
  • This girl loves eating the stuff cows eat in a rice field. Surprisingly, nobody wants to marry her, despite the obvious economic trade-offs of her being low-maintenance.
  • Man sends photo of his penis to woman. For some strange, inexplicable reason we couldn’t fathom, the woman wasn’t happy about it.

3 Responses to “People Can’t See A Joke If It Hits ‘Em In The Face [we're not making this up]”

  1. deity says:

    grosssss!!! as usual. especially that girl eating paddies.
    why are you so tahimik ha?
    pretending to be busy na naman???

  2. JB says:

    hi deity. really very very very busy. :D ill explain later he he

  3. deity says:

    gumagawa ka na naman ng milagro noh?
    sige share mo sa akin:)

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