Every Lion Loves An Asshole

On April 30, 2008, in Animal: wild, endangered, extraordinary, threatened, facts, Intriguing Animals, by JB

Lions don’t wait to kill the animal before starting the process of eating it—as soon as the buffalo stops thrashing, lions start to eat. This is much harder than it sounds however, because the hide is very thick. The prime spot to start is always claimed by the dominant female, or if the male is there, he takes the prime spot. The prime spot is not what you might think—it is the rectum. Believe it or not, the king of beasts starts his dinner by carefully licking the rectum clean. Since the buffalo defecates while dying this is a bit messy. The lion then works very hard to gnaw through the skin and get an incision open.


Lion feasting on a messy asshole, probably belonging to an insurance company officer. But we can be wrong.


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