Spider Attacks NASA’s Shuttle

On December 11, 2007, in Daily Gaggle, by JB

Daily gaggle* “So this NASA shuttle was just sitting there, when this spider came in and tried to eat it.”

* “The Most Vulgar, Disgusting, and Foul Joke in the World.” But only if you’ve actually seen The Aristocrats.

* Dunder Mifflin, known by all fans of The Office, has a new “As Green As We Have To Be” website. Spot all the in-jokes.

* How we’re getting closer to creating the “God box.”

* All the Easter eggs in Pixar movies, in one incredible list.

* The top 10 scientific discoveries of 2007, includes things you don’t expect.

* The real answer to the question: “Why is the night sky dark?

* China is so huge, it can literally eat up several Earths.

* A tour of the swanky offices of today’s leading Internet companies.

* Scientists have fun with fruitflies: first make them gay, then bi, then sraight, then make them think they’re actually cats.

* At the edge of the Solar System, guess what you’ll find.

* Humans are still evolving — rapidly.

* Yahoo! Answers — home of millions of users with their juicy wrong answers.

* By 2020, the UK wants to be completely wind-powered.


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