Cops Unfazed By The Subaru From “Tron”

On March 15, 2007, in Art and artists: paintings, gallery, abstract, modern, contemporary, video art, painter, pop, portrait, by JB

British artist Benedict Radcliffe created this 1:1 wire frame sculpture of a Subaru Impreza, and “parked” it outside the art gallery, probably believing he lived in a planet where the inhabitants will recognize a real car from a wireframe one. Unfortunately, the Subaru’s unrealness didn’t stop zealous cops in the area to issue it with parking tickets.

Find Benedict back in his atelier, making a 1:1 wireframe of a nuclear bomb, just to scare those cops until their anus was broken in horror.

Invisible Man is right there on the driver’s seat, caressing a fluffy invisible cat and cackling madly like an aging megalomaniac over the parking tickets.


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  2. arthritisguy says:

    that wireframe car is so cool

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