‘Zombies Eat Justin Bieber’: Finally

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The book that will give you a deep sense of schadenfruede.


Get your copy here. If you have annoying friends/acquaintances who are huge fans of Justin Bieber, then give them this Justin Bieber book (print version) as an excellent prank gift.


Your Best Bet For Gambling Flicks: A Look At Poker Movies

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The fascinating characters, innate drama and, of course, the built-in intrigue and deception, all make poker natural movie material; there are so many classics in this genre, it’s hard to zero in on the very best. The “rags to riches” stories, the scandals and the wild lifestyles enjoyed by poker players fascinate people – and have them heading to poker review sites like www.pokersites.com to find a site and start carving out their own legends.

Gamblers tend to be quite a passionate bunch – just see how deep they get into their discussions about playing poker for real money at www.cardschat.com , but let’s look at the undeniable contenders in a poker player’s movie list, brought to you chronologically from oldest to newest:


Cincinnati Kid (1965) The immortal Steve McQueen stars as a rising poker pro in a world where Five Card Stud was still the main game in poker, and hustlers abounded. With cameos from cinematic legends like Edward G. Robinson as the “Doyle Brunson-esque” man of his day, and Joan Blondell as the house game dealer, this film is a great snapshot into “old” poker, before Hold’em became the main game it is today.

Big Hand for a Little Lady (1966) Screen legend Henry Fonda plays a poor farmer, dragging his family through prosperous farm country in California, where he stumbles into a high-roller home game and is pitted against a table full of wealthy men. Tapping into his small family nest-egg, he gets hit by the deck, and simultaneously, by a coronary. His wife then has to take up the hand and save her family.

The Sting (1973) Set in 1936, this Oscar-winning classic features megastars Paul Newman and Robert Redford as two drifters matching cheating wits with mob boss Robert Shaw. The story was inspired by the real-life tale of professional con men and brothers Fred and Charley Gondorff, and features the well-known period-inspired “The Entertainer” theme by Scott Joplin.

The Gambler (1980) Although this is actually a made-for-TV movie, no list would be complete without Kenny Roger’s extravaganza based on his huge hit song of the same name. In this saga, Rogers plays a burned-out gambler searching for his son, who meets a stranger on a train with whom he shares a bevy of Old West predicaments. Needless to say, his gambling ditty classic is in there as well.

Maverick (1994) Back when Mel Gibson wasn’t a hate-spewing alcoholic and Jodie Foster wasn’t rambling off weird Oscar speeches, they were both top-of-the-food chain actors simply making a comedy about poker in this 1960′s-ized “Wild, Wild West” spoof. If you can take this one a bit tongue-in-cheek and pretend that Jodie actually likes men, it’s a fun, light romp into old-school 19th century American poker.

Rounders (1998) Apparently the flick that inspired Chris Moneymaker to take up Hold’em, this peak into the underground world of New York’s rough poker scene brought Matt Damon and Edward Norton to Hollywood prominence in their roles as “rounders”: gamblers who travel from city-to-city in search of action. John Malkovich plays a Russian mobster running an illegal underground high-stakes game.

Casino Royale (2006) Featuring arguably the most over-the-top hand playdown in any poker movie ever made, this 007 classic stars Vladimir Putin-lookalike Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond. Spoiler alert: Bond plays very badly but, of course, wins anyway (and looks clever doing it) in the movie’s denouement scene at a swank Montenegro casino. Suspend everything you know about how to play, and just enjoy the silliness of it all.


Dude Builds His Own Iron Man Laser Gauntlet

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It turns out, you don’t need Tony Stark’s boatloads of money to build yourself some fancy wannabe Iron Man wearable. Some German dude named Patrick Priebe made his own Iron Man laser gauntlet that actually works–on balloons, that is. But still, as the Germans love to say, “das uber fockin cool!”




David Mitchell’s ‘Cloud atlas’ Ebook Downloadable

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David Mitchell’s super awesome book, Cloud Atlas, is now a Wachowski movie, starring no less than Tom Hanks. You can get the ebook here.



Download the ebook.


‘Xavier Decides To Stop A Killing’- A Novel

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Skirmisher’s founder, JB Lazarte, has released his novel, Xavier Decides To Stop A Killing.

Get your copy now (ebook or trade paperback)! More details here.




Watch it online for free – duh!

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The argument seems so trite at this point, trite but true. Let’s face it, Netflix has gotten expensive and if you’re trying to cut down on costs, we all know cable is the first thing to go. Why deprive yourself of great shows, when online programming is FREE? Why not get in on the action? There are thousands of sites now a days, where you can watch programs and movies with very little draw backs. It’s a lot less hassle than trying to steal cable from your neighbor. If you actually have a TV, simply purchase an HDMI cable and watch all the free tv online until your heart’s content. If you don’t own a TV – dude, what is all your furniture pointed at?

Another neat bonus to watching online programming is all the new and innovative shows that are released for web viewing only. If you’re not an enthusiast already, you may not know that some shows that you see broadcasted on major networks actually got their start online. Be the first of your friends to preview hilarious and captivating webisodes online. Now even major syndications like AMC are getting in on the action. On October 3, AMC released a six part The Walking Dead series for online viewing only, just two weeks before the actual television premier. If that wasn’t reason enough, the next time you miss your favorite show, you can catch up online on most network sites for free. With perks like this, now more than ever is a great time to start watching online.


How Facebook Turned Our Lives Into Our Own Personal Reality TV Show

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When our relationships end, we announce them to the internet. When we begin new relationships, we announce them for everyone, including the last person we loved, to see. We become our own voyeurs; we are hiding in the bushes outside our own windows, watching the drama unfold within: Infidelity, disinterest, distraction, and new love overtaking old loyalties — not in any scripted narrative but unfolding in real time and happening to us and to the people we know — make up our entertainment.

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Inside BotCon 2011: In Pictures

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For fans of the Transformers franchise, BotCon is like an all-day orgy with Megan Fox types, where there is orgasm at every turn. But for ordinary humans, it simply looks like a gathering of people dressed up as robots. Which can still be fun!

And here are the pictures.


Satan: The Cause Of Cancer

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That is, if you’d ask Fundamentalists, who have managed to make a website (greatbiblestudy.com) straight from the Bronze Age to assert Bronze Age-y medical assertions like:

Cancer comes from the devil, scientist can’t explain it, doctors don’t understand where it comes from; it’s the symptoms of a curse.



Best Public Restroom Rules

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Because sometimes, people are just pigs.


The Ideal Camping Location For Men With Huge Balls

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Human explorers scaling the 4,000-feet sheer cliff face of Baffin Island in the Arctic pitch their tents right on the cliff’s face for “resting purposes.” We don’t know about you, but that shit isn’t giving us any kind of “rest.” But there they are. Explorer and photographer Gordon Wiltsie took these photos while admiring how big his balls were.

More after the cut.

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Gadgets and RC Helicopters at Xenon Project

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People living in different rural parts of the world make it difficult for them to find and purchase quality RC toys. But now, with the aid of the latest technological advancements made available at present, it is easier to reach and find anything in the market especially when it comes to remote controlled toys.

Anyone who desires to buy a remote controlled toy may visit http://www.Xenonproject.com.

This website offers a wide variety of quality sport RC toys that comes with very reasonable prices, the company has to offer. Your entire family will surely get fond and enjoy playing these quality yet affordable RC toys. Getting bored on a vacation or outdoor adventure? Then playing with your RC toys may help solve your boredom.

Just turn on your RC toy, start operating it, and there goes the fun. You will never notice the time running, because you will surely enjoy during your leisure time playing your RC toys.


A Highly Convincing Way To Advertise Meat

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas

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Did you know that the word “vagina” came from the Latin root that meant “fuck this shit repeatedly, forever?”

No, just kidding. But for the correct stuff, a list of 15 factoid gems about your most favorite body part, go here.


Welcome The Unstoppable Vagina Piercing Removal Crack Squad

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A woman is suing Christchurch police for $150,000 after an officer allegedly used boltcutters to remove her piercings.

Lawyer Tony Greig said the woman, believed to be in her thirties, was arrested for obstruction in mid-2008.

Greig said the woman alleged five of her piercings, including one in her genital area, were removed using boltcutters after she was taken into custody.



Why Facebook Makes Us Sadder, More Miserable

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Researchers from Stanford University led by Alex Jordan found that people consistently underestimated how dejected others were, resulting to more severe feelings of dejection. This “circle of misery” is most apparent in widely used social media, such as Facebook.

Jordan got the idea for the inquiry after observing his friends’ reactions to Facebook: He noticed that they seemed to feel particularly crummy about themselves after logging onto the site and scrolling through others’ attractive photos, accomplished bios and chipper status updates. “They were convinced that everyone else was leading a perfect life,” he told me.

The human habit of overestimating other people’s happiness is nothing new, of course. Jordan points to a quote by Montesquieu: “If we only wanted to be happy it would be easy; but we want to be happier than other people, which is almost always difficult, since we think them happier than they are.”

But social networking may be making this tendency worse. Jordan’s research doesn’t look at Facebook explicitly, but if his conclusions are correct, it follows that the site would have a special power to make us sadder and lonelier. By showcasing the most witty, joyful, bullet-pointed versions of people’s lives, and inviting constant comparisons in which we tend to see ourselves as the losers, Facebook appears to exploit an Achilles heel of human nature.

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Who will be the next Ghostbusters mascot?

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You read it right. The legendary Ghostbusters film franchise of the ’80s has gotten more serious with its plans of releasing a third installment when, around two months ago, a gray-haired Bill Murray (Dr. Peter Venkman) appeared in full Ghostbusters uniform in Spike TV’s 2010 SCREAM Awards.

It is said that a “third film will happen and the wheels are finally in motion”. In fact, Dan Akroyd (Dr. Ray Stantz) has already completed the script. Filming will start sometime next year (May?). The whole Ghostbusters gang will return. But it is not known if Rick Moranis (Louis Tully) will join them since he has already retired from acting.

It was also undisclosed if Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will reprise his character. And Slimer’s whereabouts are still unknown (must have died of a heart attack due to overeating and obesity). Slimer’s role, however, is crucial. He has appeared in the first two Ghostbusters films and in the animated series. Never mind Stay Puft’s worth; Hollywood has had enough of oversized monsters. But if Slimer does not show up for the third (and probably final) installment, who will replace him? Our proton-pack-wielding heroes will always need a non-terminal repeating phantasm/class 5 full roaming vapor to zap its wits out during the first few reels of the film. So who will fit the role?

Good ghost or not, you’re still a ghost. So into our ghost trap you go!

Why not?!